Board Appreciation Ideas For Your Nonprofit Organization

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Board members put in a lot of effort to represent their nonprofit organisations’ values and interests on a full-time basis. They often sacrifice their sleeping schedules and personal lives to devote their time and resources in a continuous manner, without earning a penny. This is why it is important to recognize them. Here are some of our most loved board appreciation suggestions that will make them smile!

Gifts for executives: Executive gifts of high quality are the ideal way to show your gratitude to board members. Unique and useful gifts are always appreciated, whether it’s a holiday or retirement present.

Special Achievements Board members are responsible for important tasks, and when they accomplish those big goals–whether it’s approving and implementing the strategic plan or developing and evaluating the annual budget, it’s important to recognize the hard work they put into it. This can be done by highlighting the accomplishments in your newsletter or social media.

Honouring their contributions: Nonprofits can also show their appreciation for individuals on the board by creating an “tribute wall” in their offices that displays pictures, quotes and memorable moments with long-time board members. This is an excellent way to recognize their contributions over the years and can be particularly significant when they leave after an extended period of service.

Nonprofits can also decide to publicly recognize their board members by utilizing social media or through a letter in the local paper. This is a great method to give your board members the acclaim they deserve, and also assist in bringing attention to the wonderful things your organization is doing in your community.