The Main Negotiation Tactics

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In this article, we will discuss the main negotiation tactics which include a variety of strategies that negotiators can employ to reach their goals and come up with an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. Preparation is key to successful negotiations, and it begins by identifying your own goals and how to best meet the needs of your negotiation partner. Taking the time to study the market rate for similar homes, vehicles, or services can provide you with a precise number you can enter into a negotiation with as your minimal limit. The buyer will not be able bargain with you by offering a amount they know you will not agree to.

Another tactic that works well for certain negotiators can be the “Take It or Leave It” approach. This is usually only an approach for a short time but it could be harmful in the long-term. Instead, it’s much better to look at the iceberg, the hidden motives that determine your partner’s position. By offering a positive boon, you can often meet these underlying needs and avoid the “take it or leave it” scenario.

The most important negotiator skill of all is self-confidence, and it’s an essential trait to have throughout the negotiation process. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful, the others are likely to take advantage of this weakness by making aggressive demands and pushing the negotiation to the edge. To remain calm and composed do some relaxation exercises or tap into your sense of confidence prior to entering the room.